Raleigh, NC

Creative director Erin Weston takes a drastic departure from her traditional decorative style with a decidedlymodern sculpture inspired by Richard Serra and botanical artist Daniel Ost . The installation for N.C. Museum of Art “Art in Bloom” festival was inspired by the rolling hills of the NCMA Art Park. An ambitious project measuring over 40 feet long and boasting over 1,000,000 leaves took over 200 man hours and it appeared to emerge from the gazing pool of the museum where it was built. The execution of her vision depended on the tireless efforts of the museum grounds volunteers. “The volunteers made this idea come to life and it would not have been possible without their enthusiasm and tireless dedication.” Rendered with Weston Farms’ signature Southern Magnolia woven onto metal cages the top of the sculpture held a garden of living heritage variety grains. The sculpture titled “Florish” is ananalogy for an idealistic future where native forests flourish and our food systems always bloom bringing us a bounty of healthy foods. “It’s all about balance, nourish our forests and we nurture our future.” Weston, studied art history at UNC Chapel Hill and concentrated in contemporary