Introducing the Bailey Bouquets – A Timeless Elegance of Nature!

The Bailey Bouquets, crafted with precision and artistry, are the epitome of timeless elegance. This collection was inspired by Bailey’s Fine Jewelry stores located across North Carolina.

Brown Velvet Magnolia is an exceptionally large leaf variety and makes a big statement in any room. The dark green top of the leaf has a rich coating of Brown Velvet on the contrasting side. Each stem measure about 16″ long. For a long lasting fresh bouquet, re-cut bottoms of stems, strip the leaves to water level and treat like fresh flowers, changing water frequently. For a long lasting dry arrangement, simply display without water. These bouquets come in a set of three.

Elevate your holiday décor with the Bailey Bouquets and be part of a tradition that exudes timeless beauty and elegance.

All of our items are fresh and made to order exclusively for you! Please allow at least 48 hours between order date and ship date.


All items are fresh and made to order. Please allow at least 48 hours between order date and ship date.

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we must be contacted within 24 hours of receipt for any issue.
Bouquet Container not included.

Make sure to remove fresh magnolia immediately from the box.