Brown Velvet Magnolia is an exceptionally large leaf variety and makes a powerful statement in any room. The dark green top of the leaf has a rich coating of Brown Velvet on the contrasting side. Each bouquet contains twelve 24-inch stems and the leaves measure about 9″ long. Brown Velvet Magnolia dries exceptionally well and the dark green transforms into a lovely olive green for years of enjoyment. This luxurious bouquet is perfect on it’s own or taken apart and used as additions to other arrangements! For a long lasting fresh bouquet, re-cut bottoms of stems, strip the leaves to water level and treat like fresh flowers, changing water frequently. For a long lasting dry arrangement, simply display without water.

Please note: May through August magnolia stems may come with flower buds. This means the buds may open into magnolia flowers. Opening is pretty magic, but the magnolia flower only stays open for one day and the petals and center will fall on the table. Some would say a this is an incredible display; others would find it messy.

All of our items are fresh and made to order exclusively for you! Please allow at least 48 hours between order date and ship date.


All items are fresh and made to order. Please allow at least 48 hours between order date and ship date.

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we must be contacted within 24 hours of receipt for any issue.
Bouquet Container not included.
Shipping Shipping is included in the price of the product.

Make sure to remove fresh magnolia immediately from the box.