Using an abundance of fresh signature Weston Farms Magnolia, the 18″ diameter wreaths are perfect for mirrors, windows, tabletops, and more.  The magnolia we have selected for this wreath is a variety we cultivate at Weston Farms because the leaf combines dark, lustrous green leaves with an undercoat of warm brown velvet. This wreath is made up of 8 hand tied bouquets and each bouquet has 8 to 10 stems of magnolia. Each stem has an average of 10-15 leaves. Your wreath has around 800 leaves! The Signature Weston Farms Southern Magnolia 18 inch wreath is the ultimate expression of elegance and beauty. Store in the custom made box for years of enjoyment!

All items are fresh and made to order. Please allow at least 48 hours between order date and ship date.

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we must be contacted within 24 hours of receipt for any issue.

Make sure to remove fresh magnolia immediately from the box.